Ramadan on Off-Ramp for August 11, 2012

George E. Cryer ... some claimed he was a grafter who became a millionaire as LA mayor in the 1920s. But he was felled by a simple garden hose.
The LA City Council voted unanimously last Friday to officially name a neighborhood in Northridge "Sherwood Forest." It's a great place to fry an egg on the sidewalk.
Wisconsin Community Reels After Gunman Kills Six At Sikh Temple
Criminologist Pete Simi was studying Southern California white supremacists and skinheads when he met Wade Michael Page, who was living in Orange.
Hossain Ramadan 2

A Torrance family observes Ramadan with a weekly food drive

Omar Shamout spends the day with a Torrance family as they go about the family's daily routine during Ramadan--it's much more than just fasting.
Joshua Tree Meteor Shower

How to view the Perseid Meteor Shower this weekend

Break out the lawn chairs and sport your best sweater this weekend, because the annual Perseid meteor shower will be gracing the night sky.

Dylan Brody learns something during a trip down South

An octogenarian aunt went on in a careful whisper, “Ah don’ wanna talk dirty to you in a church but he got the penis cancer. You know what that is?” I nodded.
Mercer 20782

DeBord and Rabe revive the reviled wine spritzer

The white or red wine of your choice - not too spending - some fizz, and some ice, and you've made a delightful summer drink that doesn't deserve its bad name.
Ari Taymor

Eat LA on Pop up restaurants, goat meat and pricey lobsters

Eat LA finds out why some pop-up restaurants pop, why LA won’t benefit from the East Coast’s newest bumper crump of lobsters and what makes goat taste so good.
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