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23 years after his death, Los Four artist Carlos Almaraz gets the big show. Off-Ramp for September 15, 2012.

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Carlos Almaraz: A Life Recalled, at ELAC's Vincent Price Art Museum
Groundbreaking Chicano artist and member of the Los Four collective Carlos Almaraz finally gets the big show he deserves ... 23 years too late for him to see it.
US music legend Smokey Robinson speaks a

Don't call Smokey Robinson 'African-American'

"My people have done everything that somebody could do to to be a citizen of a nation, and so for me to have to revert now, after all these sacrifices and contributions ... pisses me off."

Cypress Park evangelist William Matelyan hit by car, killed

William Matelyan is preaching gospel from his growing temple inside a Cypress Park auto body shop. Off-Ramp's Jerry Gorin reports.

Book of Mormon uses Mormonism to question all faiths

Is it any less credible that the Garden of Eden was in Jackson County, Missouri - as Mormons believe - than that one can die and come back to life as a giraffe or kumquat tree ... or that a crucified man can be transfigured three days later?
Singer Larry Davis, 74, closes his eyes at Miles Recording and Mix as he records the followup to "Close Your Eyes."

Larry Davis: tears in his beer led to singing career

Larry Davis's story proves F. Scott Fitzgerald was drunk when he said, "There are no second acts in American lives." Davis recorded his first album after he retired; he's working on the second.

Mad Magazine celebrates 60 years of questioning authority

Before there was the latest funny Twitter account, there was Mad Magazine. It made a name for itself playing class clown, and it's still kicking 60 years later.

The fall (and rise) of Cracked Magazine

Cracked magazine used to be what people bought after MAD sold out. But now the brand has ballooned, scoring about 300 million page views.

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