Who's Zoomin' Who? "Ian McKellen" on Off-Ramp for September 22, 2012


Angelenos come out to cheer and take pictures as Endeavour makes low flyovers near City Hall in downtown and Jet Propulsion Lab in Alta Dena, CA.

Mark Peel's Campanile to close after 23 years

In 1989, when Campanile opened, every other restaurant was serving canned peas and tv dinners. Or so it seemed.
I looked back into the Villa's central courtyard. Among brightlit Pompeian pillars, we happy Angelini disported ourselves over good wine, food and music. As as blissed, one imagines, as any gathering of the original Pompeiians in the original villa might have been on a similar kindly summer night, 1,933 years ago, just before their friendly old mountain went nuclear.
Actor Hunter Davis at KPCC, Monday, September 17, 2012.
The phones started ringing and reality bent when when Hunter Davis came into the Off-Ramp studio to talk about his spot-on impression of Ian McKellen doing "Baby Got Back."
Artist Masami Teraoka explains his AIDS Series painting at Samuel Freeman Gallery as Sam Freeman looks on. 9/11/12.
Why is that samurai eating a hamburger? Why is the Cardinal eating squid ink pasta? Because they're in the highly symbolic work of Masami Teraoka.

LACMA dissects Metropolis and Dr. Caligari

'Metropolis' and 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari' are two of the most iconic films of all time, but they're also paragons of an avant garde art movement.

Voice actress June Foray celebrates her 95th birthday this week

What made June Foray such a great voice actress was not that she could do so many voices, but that she was first and foremost a great actress.

Fighting to save Terminal Island's endangered history

Terminal Island may not be the bustling cannery it used to be in the 20th century, but its rich history may help spur new life for the historical landmark.

Pat Metheny, genius musician, named 1981 album "Off-Ramp"

To get on Off-Ramp Extra, just be a famous musician and name your album after our show.
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