Radical concept: Eat your food; don't talk about it. Off-Ramp for October 6, 2012

KPCC's Frank Stoltze at Philippe's, one of the last businesses in the country with actual phone booths.
If you remember the pitfalls of phone booths, make sure to listen to Frank's chat with Rabe. And then come out and tell Frank what issues motivate you right into the voting booth.
Mercer 9753
Steve Riboli tours Rabe through his family's San Antonio Winery, which has made it more than 90 years through wars, Prohibition, recessions and a Depression, not to mention the Great California Wine Revolution.
Why fresh is an attribute you should demand in your olive oil. Why obsessive foodies should be punched in the face. Plus, Colleen remembers her first meal at the almost late-great Campanile.

In a small town, at least people know you. Liking is optional.

The day we moved in, the old white-haired mayor drove out to Schuylerville's town sign with a bucket of paint and, in a Norman Rockwell moment, amended it to say, "Population 954 ... and some Jews."

Hugo Chavez v. Henrique Capriles re: Venezuela's future

Today, SoCal Venezuelans will trek to San Francisco to vote. President Hugo Chavez seeks another term; how will Henrique Capriles fair?

Zak Penn stops by KPCC's Crawford Family Forum

Zak Penn, on superheroes like Rogue: "In a real world setting, it’s not fun when you accidentally kill everyone that you touch."

Patt Morrison and President Ed Begley, Jr.

KPCC's Patt Morrison sat down with Ed Begley Jr. to discuss his latest play, "November," running through November 4th at the Mark Taper Forum.
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