World's Biggest Street Party - the Endeavour Parade. Off-Ramp for October 13, 2012

Note from Rabe about the podcast and Saturday's live broadcast

Inglewood shuttle Endeavour no parking sign

John Rabe

If they take down the pole this sign is attached to in Inglewood, how will people know not to park here?

Dear listeners,

For, I think, the first time, we're doing a live, 2-hour special Off-Ramp this weekend, following the Shuttle Endeavour as it parades through South LA.

-- If you're along the route - whether you're quaffing Tecate from somebody's balcony or up against the police barricade, call-in between noon and 2pm Saturday. You can help us report the story. (I'll broadcast and Tweet the call-in number on Saturday.)

-- We usually send out the podcast on Friday afternoon. Since the show is live, it'll be sent out sometime Saturday. Please don't freak out!

Thanks for listening!

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