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Off-Ramp for

World's Biggest Street Party - the Endeavour Parade. Off-Ramp for October 13, 2012

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Inglewood shuttle Endeavour no parking sign
We're doing a live, 2-hour special Off-Ramp this weekend, following the Shuttle Endeavour as it parades through South LA. If you're along the route and want to help, call-in between noon and 2pm Saturday. Since the show is live, the podcast will be sent out sometime Saturday. Please don't freak out!

What old Rome's triumphal parades say about the Endeavour parade

The LA Times Architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne writes, "In parading Endeavour along our boulevards, LA is in some striking ways reenacting one of the oldest public celebrations in Western urban history, the Roman triumph."

Newpark Mats smooth Shuttle Endeavour's ride

It'd look pretty stupid if Endeavour made it all the way from LAX, and through South LA only to get stuck on the lawn at the California Science Center. The answer: DURA-BASE mats, made by Newpark Mats.
Getting the Shuttle Endeavour from LAX to the California Science Center. You could drop the Big Rock, but not the Endeavour.
California Science Center Jeff Rudolph Lynda Oschin Samuel OschinShuttle Endeavor
Samuel Oschin crossed the Alps, planted a flag at the North Pole and, in death, names the buildings that will shelter Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center.

Green Book guided black drivers in Jim Crow era

Dr. Foster was a black man on his way to LA. He'd just left the South, but not segregation, and as one sympathetic motel owner told him, "If we let you in, all the other motel owners would ostracize us."
Space Shuttle Endeavour Offload at LAX

The space shuttle Endeavour starts its trip to its LA home

Late tonight the space shuttle Endeavour starts its to its new home at the California Science Center.

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