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Three time machines. Off-Ramp for November 17, 2012.

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Alexandria Hotel
I peered into the upper floors through binoculars. I'd like to say I saw a typewriter, a feather boa, a chintz bedspread, and a skeleton in a fedora in the tub.
Classic Dining by Peter Moruzzi

'Classic Dining: America's Finest Mid-Century Restaurants'

Skip lunch, ditch the sneakers, and put on your sportcoat, honey, because tonight we're celebrating at the Dal Rae supperclub in Pico Rivera! You'll think you've been somewhere.
Screenshot from PSY's video Gangnam Style
This week, Scientific American reported on a study that found more and more of the music we're listening to is written in minor keys.
Snake, plumber, artist. Gordon Henderson

Gordon Henderson and the Adventure of the Sewer Snake

It started as a routine call to the plumber. Tree roots in the sewer. But what happened next, according to KPCC's Gordon Henderson, defied imagination.
Drew and David Haldane, 2004.

Frayed: Mental illness steals David Haldane's son

To be honest, I can't tell you how much Drew understands. Visiting him is like being on a carnival ride; sometimes it's smooth, then the craziness pops up to holler boo. At various times Drew has told us he's a powerful drug dealer and a famous songwriter on TV. Recently he had to be restrained after violently attacking an aide.
Mercer 6985

"Stay calm." Matt DeBord on the hike in the median housing price

While the news looks superficially good — sales are up, prices are rising, foreclosures are down — the market remains distorted.
Thanksgiving turkey

Dylan Brody talks turkey

When it was my turn, I said, "I'm thankful that at that very first Thanksgiving everybody ignored the one wise, old Native American woman who kept saying, 'If you feed them, they'll never leave.'"
Jonathan Frakes is not a stiff! It turns out that Will Riker was positively smoldering all the time. Oh! Watch his eyes! Anytime he is slighted, his captain is slighted, or if anyone looks askance at Counselor Troi, just watch him flash and flare! Don't forget, the man honed his craft in soap operas!

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