The subversive charm of 'Santa Claus is Comin' to Town' - Off-Ramp for December 15, 2012

How the cards work: inside Metro's TAP laboratory

Metro TAP Card

Kevin Ferguson/KPCC

Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson's TAP card. Smart. Simple. Secure. And not very clean.

Nowadays, a one way fare on a Metro bus or train will run you $1.50. You can use cash, credit, or buy a pass--but one thing's certain: you're not getting a paper ticket. This past summer, Metro switched its entire fare system to plastic, refillable TAP cards. Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson met with Metro's David Sutton--the head of the TAP program--inside the lab where TAP was developed, tested, and reworked.

Thanks to the inimitable LA Streetsblog for the idea. 

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