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Huell. Off-Ramp for January 12, 2012

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Jeanne Manford, PFLAG founder, 92

'When I first marched, I said, "There must be other people, I'm not the only one." But I bet each parent thinks he or she is the only person.'
Huell Howser Golden Gate

Off-Ramp's full tribute to Huell Howser

Here's the full tribute to him from this week's episode, including thoughts from John Rabe, Kevin Ferguson, Queena Kim, Phil Noyes, Christopher Peake, Tom Labonge, and the President and Vice-President of Chapman University. Not to mention Huell himself ... and a certain pet pig.
Vahan, Ara, and Khechig Manoogian with Huell Howser, c1990.

Huell Howser, RIP

"California always has been and always will be made up of people who come here from all over the world with all sorts of accents in search of the California dream." —Huell Howser.
Huell Howser amidst the poppies, California's Gold.

Huell Howser, iconic host of 'California's Gold,' dies

What will you remember most about Huell? What is your favorite memory of Huell Howser?
Howell Huser

Simpsons' Matt Groening on Huell Howser's retirement

Just last month, TV host Huell Howser announced his retirement. Matt Groening — the creator of the Simpsons — proudly admits he's one of Huell's biggest fans.
Still from "The Man Who Planted Trees" (1987) by Frédéric Back.

Charles Solomon reviews The Animation Show of Shows

These animation shorts aren't superior to features from Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks, or Sony, any more than a solo piano recital is better or worse than an orchestral performance. They're just different.

Steve Soboroff's typewriter time machines

"Andy Rooney was thinking when he was sitting at that typewriter. And so was John Updike, and so was Ernest Hemingway." Steve Soboroff owns them all.
Singer Larry Davis, 74, closes his eyes at Miles Recording and Mix as he records the followup to "Close Your Eyes."

Larry Davis: tears in his beer led to singing career

Larry Davis's story proves F. Scott Fitzgerald was drunk when he said, "There are no second acts in American lives." Davis recorded his first album after he retired; he's working on the second.
Chris Rivera Double Exposed

KPCC's Instagram challenge winner likes to keep it weird

Meet Chris Rivera, the winner of KPCC + IGLA's Instagram challenge "Double Exposed." Rivera makes surreal portraits that delight his 7,600 followers.
Civilians & Soldiers, Chattanooga

Civil War 'Death, Mourning and Memory' on show at Huntington

This weekend is your last chance to see Huntington Library's Civil War exhibit based solely on imagery of the war. KPCC's Patt Morrison spoke with curator Jennifer Watts.

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