Senior rapper Kwayzar meets obscure President Marshall on Off-Ramp for January 19, 2013


84-year-old rapper Kwayzar: 'I Can Still Do It'

Downey has a history of musical talent, including The Carpenters and Metallica. The town's newest addition is an 84-year-old rapper named Kwayzar.

Ian Whitcomb went backwards in fame

Now at the ripe age of 71 — "I'm very old indeed" — Whitcomb has released a new book: "Ukulele Heroes: The Golden Age."
Van Buren, Polk, Fillmore, Pierce, Hayes, Arthur ... These men are Roosevelts and Reagans compared to President Franklin Marshall.
Staff Sergeant Amy and Sami McCoy HeartsApart
Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson has the story of an organization of photographers that’s devoted itself to making memories that can survive almost anything.
Actor Hunter Davis at KPCC, Monday, September 17, 2012.
The phones started ringing and reality bent when when Hunter Davis came into the Off-Ramp studio to talk about his spot-on impression of Ian McKellen doing "Baby Got Back."
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