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Wanted: Chaperone for the Gordon Henderson family for their next Rose Bowl Flea Market jaunt

by John Rabe | Off-Ramp®

The sofabed in question, and a lady who is not in question. Abira Ali

For more than 40 years, people have been buying things at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, from pure crap to useful items, from trash to treasures, from stuff they need to stuff they wind up selling at their next garage sale ... if they're lucky.

According to the company that oragnizes the flea market - RG Canning Attractions - the monthly flea market features 2,500 vendors and up to 20,000 buyers every month. That has included, on and off over the decades, Off-Ramp contributor Gordon Henderson.

Problem is, according to Gordon, when he goes to the flea market with his daughter and wife, they invariably buy something huge that they don't need. Like a giant chess set, or a big blue couch. Once, they brought a drunk neighbor, who heckled vendors and started a fight.

Obviously, the Henderson's need professional help, preferably someone who is not only qualified as a family counsellor, but who appraises items for Antiques Roadshow.

Prospective chaperones, please get in touch with us through the Comments section below. The Henderson's will provide transportation, admission to the Rose Bowl, and a modest lunch.

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