All the letters in the Great American Novel, out of order: Off-Ramp for February 2, 2013

Debunking Disney myths, Philip Glass opera 'The Perfect American'

I've spent decades researching Walt Disney and his films, from his first days as an animator in Kansas City to his last weeks in Burbank. This misbegotten portrait is as bogus as the rumor Walt's body was frozen and stored somewhere under Disneyland.
The documentary has two things things that make it strong: it's purposely limited in scope, and moves fast.

Wanted: Rose Bowl Flea Market chaperone

Gordon and family need professional help, preferably someone who is not only qualified as a family counsellor, but who appraises items for Antiques Roadshow.
Alexandria Hotel
I peered into the upper floors through binoculars. I'd like to say I saw a typewriter, a feather boa, a chintz bedspread, and a skeleton in a fedora in the tub.
beyonce national anthem
Beyonce stirred up a bit of controversy by lip-syncing the National Anthem at Obama's inauguration. The Star-Spangled Banner is notoriously hard to perform, and many pop singers have tried and botched it. Those who want to get it right turn to UCLA vocal coach, Michael Dean.
Richard Thompson
Getting his start in Fairport Convention, the legendary British folk rock band, Thompson's songs have been performed by REM, Loudon Wainwright and Los Lobos.
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