He brings a camera instead of a gun to Civil War reenactments - Off-Ramp for February 9, 2013

Mark Elson/“Battlefields of Honor: American Civil War Reenactors"
"It's a way for them to get away from the 21st Century. Get away from cell phones, get away from their jobs. And it's a rude awakening when they do have to go back home."

Llyn Foulkes: Rediscovered at 78 at Hammer Museum

"I'm very happy now. There's stuff in there I haven't seen for 50 years. When I started looking at it all together, I thought, 'Oh, I've got some pretty good stuff!'" - Llyn Foulkes
Tim Burton on AirTalk - 1
"Frankenweenie" director Tim Burton joins AirTalk to talk about his new film, his filmmaking process, and his passion for the handmade feel of stop-motion film.
Norm Langer Langer's Deli

Langer's Deli home to pastrami, fine art

In the very back of Langer's, the pastrami-lovers paradise, you'll find three paintings. Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson went to Langer's to find out their story.

Long-term effects of traumatic brain injury

Take Two host A Martinez spoke with former NFL wide receiver Billy Davis and LAUSD medical advisor Dr. Jerry Bornstein about the risks to the pros and to kids just starting out on their favorite playing fields.
Mercer 10174

Vox Pop: One true love?

Off-Ramp intern Bridget Read asked passers-by one of the eternal questions: "Is there one, and only one, true love per person?"

(For Mary and Nick Roman, KPCC's Senior News Editor, it's been 25 years! Photo by Patricia Nazario.)

Nature Conservancy Valentines

Love: a grim thing in the animal kingdom

For Valentine's day this year, the Nature Conservancy of California is celebrating those animals that are willing to die—or kill—for love.
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For Valentine's Day

Marc Haefele tells us that the Romans didn't think Cupid was so cute.
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