Classical music on the Venice Beach boardwalk - Off-Ramp for February 16, 2013

Gary Leonard photographs Lisa Derrick at Colette Miller's wings project.
It's a very simple idea. Stand in front of the wings painted on the security shutters at the Regent Theatre and have your photo taken, and voila, you're an angel in the city of Angels.

The USC Song Girl and the sea

The East Coast is still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. One family and a circle of friends is still dealing with one tiny part of the destruction it caused: the death of Claudene Christian, a former USC Song Girl who, it seemed, had found redemption before she died in the storm.

VIDEO: LA's great parking meter debate; will it spark Armageddon?

"These parking meters here, it’s a nightmare. You can’t blink. There’s not even like a 5 second grace period. That thing is red and boom, there’s a ticket on it. These people are actually oppressing the residents here"."

PHOTO SLIDESHOW: You need a chaperone for the Rose Bowl Flea Market

Gordon Henderson and his family have a bad habit of buying impractical things at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, so this time, they brought a chaperone.
Venice Boardwalk Piano Player - 1

Nathan Pino plays classical music on the Venice Boardwalk

Nathan Pino plays classical music on the Venice Boardwalk every day with a cat at his side. He talks about bands he performed with and shares his own compositions.
Van Dyke Parks
Parks will celebrate the city of South Pasadena's 125th anniversary with a performance at the city's library. He talks performance, politics, and his new album.
Mercer 18251

Leon Leyson, Holocaust survivor on 'Schindler's List,' dies

This weekend, Southern California lost a prominent Holocaust survivor and educator. Leon Leyson of Fullerton died Saturday after a 4-year-long battle with lymphoma. He was 83.
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