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PHOTOS: Instagram contest winner banks life's memories in his feed

by Grant Slater | Off-Ramp®

Jombart's winning photo in our contest with Instagram Lovers Anonymous. The older couple is dancing the tango in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Xavier Jombart

Xavier Jombart life has taken him from the wide open beaches of his hometown in northeastern France to the sun-drenched coast of Brazil. When he first installed Instagram, he viewed the mobile app as a place to showcase the places and memories of his life. He shied away from the spontaneity of mobile photography.

The result is a collection of images from the fjords of Norway to the castles of Italy from the revelry of Carnivale to the peaceful ridges of sand dunes in a Brazilian park. He posts to Instagram under the name @jombardoo.

Jombart is the winner of KPCC's most recent Instagram contest collaboration with Instagram Lover's Anonymous. The theme for that contest was "Shall We Dance?"

Jombart captured the winning image during a brief trip to Buenos Aires where he was drawn to the tango of two older street performers in the city's San Telmo district. To Jombart, the couple appeared to be deeply in love, though he's not sure if they were.

"I just fell in love with this dance, this tango dance," Jombart said. "I find it very beautiful and full of emotions. When I saw this couple dancing, I just felt it was so passionate."

Five years ago, Jombart moved to Brazil with his wife, whom he met more than a decade ago while studying in Sweden and later married in Italy. He has a degree in engineering but now works on the corporate side of a large French bank.

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