Visit a Pristine Fallout Shelter in the Valley - Off-Ramp for March 9, 2013

01 - Tippi Hedren Shambala Preserve Feline Cat Tiger Lion
Actress Tippi Hedren's Shambala Preserve – Acton's 'pride' and joy – is an 80-acre parcel of land that houses and maintains lions, tigers, leopards ... any sort of big cat in need of a home.

Inside a competitive Orange County Video Game Tournament

Each year, thousands of people from all over world meet up to play and observe games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tekken.
Mercer 5895
Here are five fundraising segments you can send your friends to get them to support KPCC.
Fallout Shelter Valley
"... the bomb shelter is an absolute time capsule: still stocked with old magazines, bunks, sleeping bags and medications. I told them to keep it in case of imminent Zombie Apocalypse. You're more than welcome to visit..."

Sketchbook: Election Night at the Avalon, Garcetti headquarters

Impressions from election night at the Avalon.

Dylan Brody asks why social networking trumps actual, you know, talent

I was recently told that I can’t have a Comedy Central special because my Facebook page doesn’t have enough “likes.”

LA’s 'Rite of Spring' festival snubs animation

I can’t imagine how difficult is to perform the steps the Joffrey dancers execute so dramatically in "The Rite of Spring," or how hard it is to play the score. But even that must be easier than convincing LA’s cultural poo-bahs to give animation the place among the arts it deserves.
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