Father Boyle versus Mother Church - Off-Ramp for March 16, 2013

LAPD Lt. Marc Reina, Capt. Beatrice Girmala, Xiomara Padilla-Banks, Darnell Banks, and Capt. Duane Hayakawa in the Miguel Leonard Padilla-Banks soft room at the Hollywood LAPD station.
The Miguel Leonard Padilla Banks soft room is a place at the cold, hard, scary Hollywood police station where kids won't feel quite so scared.
Father Greg Boyle, one of Southern California's spiritual leaders, reveals his dream: a humble Pope wearing huaraches, jeans, and a guayabera. "That guy I could follow anywhere." Is Francis that man?
Salvador Cappiello - 4
A year ago, Salvador Cappiello joined Instagram looking for creative liberty. Then, he began to experiment, imagining his subjects with their heads in the clouds.

The Velaslavaysay Panorama saving a lost artform

The Velasalavaysay Panorama in the Historic West Adams district focuses on entertainment technology that was popular before film.

The Pogues' James Fearnley on Shane MacGowan

When the Pogues met in a hotel room in 1991, they knew they had to fire unreliable frontman Shane MacGowan, but how would he take it? James Fearnley tells us.
If you want a window into the livid present that opens to the smells, tastes, and feelings of this brave, unbelievably downtrodden country, "Farewell, Fred Voodoo" is the book for you, in which Wilentz shows how choices we’ve made as Americans—as voters, as consumers—have helped create the Haiti of today.
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