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PHOTOS: Imagineer Bob Gurr imagined it, helped build Disneyland, King Kong, 'Jurassic Park'

by John Rabe | Off-Ramp®

Former Disney Imagineer and amusement park designer Bob Gurr discussed his long career in design on March 13 at the Hollywood Heritage Museum in Los Angeles. Gurr was once an automobile designer, and is one of the last remaining Imagineers who worked arm-in-arm with Disney to bring his world-famous theme park to life. Gurr's accomplishments include designing the world's first monorail, as well as iconic rides and animatronics such as Universal Studios' King Kong, and Disneyland's President Lincoln. Christopher Okula/KPCC

Bob Gurr, named a Disney Legend in 2004, never let a thing like not knowing how to do something get in the way of doing things. As he describes is, working for Walt Disney sounds like an amusement park ride of challenges and optimism. And listening to him speak is to be inspired to get off your keister and dig into something you've never tried.

LA Magazine's Chris Nicholsa regular on KPCC's Take Two, hosted a Hollywood Heritage Museum ievent for the 82-year old Gurr, who sounds more like he's 22. Chris describes Gurr's resume: 

Mr. Gurr  began working on Disneyland the year before it opened. He imagineered the original Monorail, Autopia all the iconic ride vehicles for Disneyland and some of the other Disney parks. His memorable theme park and movie creations include Disney's animatronic Abraham Lincoln, Universal's King Kong, concepts for the Jurassic Park dinosaurs and robots for the 1998 production of Godzilla.

Gurr spoke for an hour at the Museum on March 13th, and took questions from the audience. Listen here for just a sample.

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