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Why is it so creepy? Off-Ramp for March 23, 2013

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Gordon Powers and his Atomic Age bowling palaces

Back when bowling was an institution, Gordon Powers’ architectural firm crisscrossed the nation building Atomic Age shrines to bowling.
"Man in Korean Costume," by Peter Paul Rubens, c 1617.

The Getty explores the mystery of Rubens' Korean man

'Looking East: Rubens's Encounter with Asia,' at the Getty Center through June 9th, is the Getty's first Korean-themed exhibit, and its first collaboration with LA's Korean-American community.
Kate Upton on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover.
Since it's now okay for high school kids to ask out celebrities, it must be okay for celebrities -- even D-list public radio celebrities -- to ask out high-schoolers, right?
The Big Lebowski
Fifteen years ago, "The Big Lebowski" became an obsession for many, sparking hundreds of Halloween costumes, fan movies and something known as the Lebowski Fest. KPCC's Kevin Ferguson reports.
Disney Imagineer Bob Gurr 01
Bob Gurr, named a Disney Legend in 2004, never let a thing like not knowing how to do something get in the way of doing things.
Making its US debut in Long Beach this Sunday, March 24th, is an opera called Camelia La Tejana. But the opera's story has roots in contemporary life.

MOCA, AEG, LA Times ... Downtown LA is blowing up.

Seven high-profile Downtown LA institutions or offices are blowing up or melting down. Wherever you look, a community leader is enmeshed in a struggle for supremacy or even survival.
A scene from Christopher Lee's movie of Desert Christ Park in Yucca Valley

Desert Christ Park in Yucca Valley

Slow pans, intense but faded colors, snow-white statues of Christ, chips in the plaster, exposed rebar. A feeling of calm. Listen with the sound up or off. A lovely movie from Christopher Lee.

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