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Opening Day, Ben Katchor, and Max Raabe - Off-Ramp for April 6, 2013

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What's it like to be a tax season sign twirler?

Dressed like Uncle Sam or the Statue Of Liberty, it's their job to draw you in before the April 15 deadline. But what's it like to be out there?
Roger Ebert Honored With The 2,288th Star On The Hollywood Walk of Fame
Herzog — the director behind films like Fitzcarraldo, Nosferatu the Vampyre and Grizzly Man — was also close friends with the film critic.
The honey-voiced tenor brings his brand of 1920s and '30s music to L.A.'s Disney Hall this week.
Picture of Sound

Using technology to bring lost sound back to life

We can read our forebearers' speeches and see their portraits, but we can't hear their music or what they sounded like. But now Patrick Feaster, a professor at Indiana University, is trying to change that. Patt Morrison reports.
From Ben Katchor's "Hand-Drying in America"
"This concentration on these minute details is not just to be willfully obscure. It's like a scientist looking at the molecular structure of things. If you really want to see how things work, you have to go down to the small scale."
One thing hasn’t changed. Vin Scully got the biggest cheer of the day, and, later, up in the top deck, a little transistor radio was broadcasting Vin's play-by-play.
Winnie Holzman and Paul Dooley star in their new play Assisted Living.
"Assisted Living" began thirty years ago when Dooley and Holzman took a stab at answering a pile of fan mail to Dooley. They started riffing on it, then wrote some pages, then put it away for decades. Hurricane Sandy gave them the time to finish it.
2011 Winter TCA Tour - Day 4
Yesterday, after weeks of speculation, NBC made the official announcement that the Tonight Show will leave its current home in Burbank and move to New York. Come next spring, Jay Leno will give up his post as host of the late night show and Jimmy Fallon will take over from the Big Apple.

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