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Why Johnny Cash loved Billy Ray Cyrus - Off-Ramp for April 27, 2013

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Toni Yancey ran UCLA's Center for the Elimination of Health Disparities. Not the Center to Study ... Not the Center to Talk it to Death and Do Nothing ... the Center to Eliminate. Here's hoping she made a dent.
Billy Ray Cyrus he took the songwriting advice he got years ago, pares everything down to its essence, and leaves out the preaching. He says, This is what happened to me, make of it what you will.
"Located in unincorporated Los Angeles County, it is not subject to the city's historic preservation guidelines. State and National monument status is dependent on the whim of the property owner. And so she sits, caked in plaster, under the blazing east side sun, waiting for something to happen."
International Puppetry Museum
Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson toured the International Puppetry Museum in Pasadena and found out more about Los Angeles' first ever puppet festival.
Marble Season excerpt
Gilbert's latest graphic novel, Marble Season, is a semi-autobiographical story that follows 10-year-old Huey and his brothers in 1960s suburbia.
Director of The French Connection and The Exorcist, Friedkin gives readers a behind the scenes look at how his films came to life - from how the Exorcist's demon voice was created to whom he considered for the lead role of Popeye.
Secret Stairs

What's behind LA's secret staircases?

Tucked into the hillsides of San Francisco and Los Angeles are lots and lots of hidden public staircases. They help pedestrians get from point A to point B a lot faster, and they also make for a great workout. But how did this idea get started?

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