Shotgun Tom gets his star - Off-Ramp for May 4, 2013

Rolling Stones swing
The Rolling Stones turn 50 this year. But did you know that their first US concert took place right here in California? Not at the Hollywood Bowl, not the Troubadour, but in San Bernardino.
AV USE ONLY - David Scharf - 17
David Scharf is one of the world's leading names in electron microscope photography: those giant, luminescent photos of tiny things like bugs, dust, and nerves.

Steve Reich comes to LACMA's Bing; we explore his effect on your mind

Minimalist composer Steve Reich is coming to LACMA's Bing Theatre next week, where the Lyris Quartet will perform his works Different Trains and Piano Counterpoint. But we wondered, what does his music do to your brain?
A new revival of director William Friedkin's notorious 1977 box office failure "Sorcerer'" has Off-Ramp contributor RH Greene thinking about other ambitious cinematic flops from the "New Hollywood" era, and how time has been kind to them.
The AP Television-Radio Association gave KPCC six Mark Twain Awards, including two for Off-Ramp. The credit, of course, goes to the listeners who fund the station. Without you, to coin a phrase, we're nothing.
The cripplingly shy Shotgun Tom Kelly poses with his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 4/30/2013
"The most important thing to me are the people that love this music, and I want to keep them entertained; I want to keep them happy."
James Home Video
I lost my ability to speak Korean with my parents. I thought I could fix the problem by learning Korean, but it wasn't that simple.
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