Celebrate Memorial Day with a fallout shelter barbecue! Off-Ramp for May 25, 2013

LA Mayor Portrait
Patt Morrison visits City Hall to find out how the gallery of mayoral paintings came to be and why.

Can free photos save the art business?

Atlanta Gallerist Jennifer Schwartz thinks so. And to prove it, she took her entire gallery on the road to the Venice art walk.
Santa Cruz Island Fox Recovery - 1
Conservation efforts have brought back the Santa Cruz Island fox from the brink of extinction from 100 in 2000 to more than 1,300 today.
Mercer 18285

Memorial Day, WWII a family affair for Kevin Ferguson

8/1/2011 - A SAD UPDATE: Kevin's Grandmother passed away early Sunday morning. She was 87. Team Off-Ramp and all of KPCC send condolences to Kevin's family. For most historians, there are few stories more compelling than that of the USS Indianapolis: a heavy cruiser that had seen battle for nearly all of World War Two. Its final voyage was one of the most integral, yet disastrous missions in the history of the US Navy. And for Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson, it’s a story that hits very close to home.
Fallout Shelter Valley
"... the bomb shelter is an absolute time capsule: still stocked with old magazines, bunks, sleeping bags and medications. I told them to keep it in case of imminent Zombie Apocalypse. You're more than welcome to visit..."

Dylan Brody learns something during a trip down South

An octogenarian aunt went on in a careful whisper, “Ah don’ wanna talk dirty to you in a church but he got the penis cancer. You know what that is?” I nodded.
Jonathan Gold
The Pulitzer-winning food critic's list of the best restaurants in Southern California came out Thursday, with Providence in Hancock Park topping the charts.
The book "Liberace Extravaganza!" features hundreds of photos of the performer and his stunning outfits. Co-author and costume designer Connie Furr Soloman talks about his legacy.
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