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In 'I Remember Me,' Carl Reiner looks back at life full of laughs

Carl Reiner and Patt Morrison

Dave Coelho

Patt Morrison visits Carl Reiner in his breakfast nook.

Television was in its infancy and Carl Reiner was just a kid himself when he began working both sides of the camera on the groundbreaking "Your Show of Shows" in 1954. Later, he created "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and played straight man to the 2,000-year-old Mel Brooks in a comedy classic.

At 91, Reiner is the master of comedy. He says he can't help himself — everything just seems to come out funny.

His new book "I Remember Me" offers up several hundred pages of his wit, and, in the ebook version, his home movies with his family, his beloved wife Estelle and his friend of more than 60 years, Mel Brooks.

Patt Morrison shared coffee, laughs and some memories with Carl Reiner in his breakfast room.

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