Fighting Malibu's scoundrels and land-grabbers - Off-Ramp for June 1, 2013

It was the 1960s, and Kaufman's job for Litton was to determine the effect of a nuclear blast on equipment. Of course this means he well knew its effect on humans, so it's no wonder he built a shelter in the backyard of his home.
From this covered terrace on the fourth floor of his home in the South of France, Chicano artist Frank Romero can see much of the valley of the Ardèche.
The Chicano icon now spends seven months of the year at his atelier near the Rhone, and admits that at New Year's he prefers champagne and oysters to menudo and beer.

Finding peace and quiet in South LA can be a challenge

In densely urban South Los Angeles, it can seem impossible to find tranquil places of respite amid the chaos of the big city. That's bad, according to a local mental health expert.
Carl Reiner and Patt Morrison
Patt Morrison has coffee with Carl Reiner and talks about hsi new book "I Remember Me."
our malibu beaches
John Rabe talks with Jenny Price, writer, activist and historian about Our Malibu Beaches--an upcoming app that puts the spotlight on LA's hidden public beaches.
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Best of the Wurst - Sausages with Eat-LA

In another installment of our partnership with Eat-LA, host John Rabe and Eat-LA's Linda Burum visit Continental Gourmet Sausage Company in Glendale, and talk about other resources for the the best sausages in LA ... from German to Polish to Creole.
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