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'It's taped?!' Off-Ramp releases script of supposedly ad-libbed fundraising spot

by John Rabe and Commentator Dylan Brody | Off-Ramp®

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Commentator Dylan Brody reading a radio script in the Off-Ramp studio. John Rabe

DYLAN:  I’m Dylan Brody, humorist, storyteller and head commentator for KPCC’s Off Ramp.

RABE:  You’re not the head commentator.

DYLAN: Fine.  Long before I started appearing on KPCC I was an avid listener, a genuine fan of the informative news and talk programming during the week and the wonderfully funny stuff that runs on the weekends.  That’s why I was KPCC’s favorite listener.

RABE:  You weren’t the favorite.

DYLAN: I might have been the favorite.

RABE: We don’t have favorites. We love all our listeners equally.

DYLAN: Fine.  My point is, the station provides a lot of great programming and it does it all without running commercials.  So take a minute to do your part to keep it on the air. As control over the commercial media outlets continues to consolidate, we need public stations like KPCC more than ever.  And remember, I’m not only the president of KPCC, I’m also a member.

RABE: You’re not the president of KPCC.

DYLAN: Fine.  Can I say “Chanteuse?”

RABE: Do you sing?


RABE: Then, no.

DYLAN: Can I say, “Call now and make your contribution?”

RABE: Yes.  You can say that. But add the website.

DYLAN:  Become a sustaining member of KPCC at, or by calling 866-888-5722.

RABE: And say thank you, Dylan.

DYLAN: Thank you, Dylan.

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