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At last: 'MacArthur Park' songwriter Jimmy Webb takes his signature song to MacArthur Park

MacArthur Park file photo

Frank Grem/LA Public Library Photo Collection

Boats at MacArthur Park during July, 1982.

The song April in Paris has been sung in Paris, in April. Moonlight in Vermont has been sung in Vermont, at night. But Jimmy Webb, the man who wrote MacArthur Park, one of the most evocative, moving, talked-about songs ever, has never sung the song in LA's MacArthur Park.

This gross oversight will be remedied next weekend. To kick off the Levitt Pavilion's season of free concerts, Jimmy Webb, who is now 66, will be singing and playing at MacArthur park on Saturday, June 15th.

Jimmy Webb joins Off-Ramp host John Rabe on the line from New York.

Webb's performance marks just the beginning of a long, promising summer of concerts from Levitt Pavillion, including performances at MacArthur Park and Pasadena from artists like Thee Midniters, Buyepongo, Linda Perhacs and more.

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