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A trial junkie attends the trial of her life - Off-Ramp for June 8, 2013

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How Dylan Brody and John Rabe faked it for fundraising

Turns out, that wonderful spontaneous Off-Ramp fundraising moment between John and Dylan was scripted and pre-recorded.
AV USE ONLY - Linda Heidema - 1
From downtown Groningen to the countryside, Linda Heidema captures the beauty of Holland. Heidema is the winner of our most Instagram challenge.
MacArthur Park file photo
Jimmy Webb, the man who wrote MacArthur Park, has never sung the song in LA's MacArthur Park. This gross oversight will be remedied June 15.
"Artifex" was a wide-ranging, eye-opening, and sometimes profane discussion on Chicano art at Koplin Del Rio Gallery, led by Cheech Marin, with Susana Smith Bautista, and artists Einar & Jamex de la Torre, Shizu Saldamando, John Valadez, and Harry Gamboa Jr..
Jay could stand back and watch the trials of O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson and Conrad Murray, but she put her hobby on hold to attend a trial that hit close to home.

Video: Artist Llynn Foulkes in new documentary 'One Man Band'

The Llynn Foulkes of “One Man Band” is a Lear figure, raging against the dying of the light in a world that has deprived him of his legacy.
Jack Vance, nearly the last of a great generation of American sci-fi and fantasy writers, died May 26 in his Oakland home. He wrote so many books that their exact number seems uncertain.

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