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PHOTOS: LA campaign consultant John Schwada savors political quiet of Oman, 'the most charming police state in the world'

by Commentator John Schwada | Off-Ramp®

Turbaned man leaving Nizwa live animal souk John Schwada

John Schwada is a former TV reporter and, most recently, media consultant for L.A. City Council candidate Gil Cedillo, City Controller candidate Dennis Zine and City Attorney candidate Carmen Trutanich.

For LA Observed, Schwada wrote about his soul-cleansing trip to Oman:

Trutanich and Feuer, Zine and Galperin, Cedillo and Gardea (the former in each of these pairings was a client of mine) were 12 thousand miles away, as I walked, trekked, drove my way around Oman. 1519 kilometers of driving. Maybe 50 kms of walking. The daytime temperatures: in the 100's.

In the boondocks of Oman, while getting lost in the labyrinthine alleys of an ancient village where Jesus reincarnate might have found himself at home, the struggle with the heat was tiring. But it was a good tiring. Every drop of sweat squeezed another sub-cutaneous, molecular-level drop of LA and a frustrating campaign season out of my body.

You can read his full essay at LA Observed.

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