Macho pilot Bob Tur starts gender change, "has never been happier" - Off-Ramp for June 15, 2013

Maria the Goose Mario
This Saturday, June 15, Angelenos celebrate the return of lotus flowers, joggers, and picnickers to Echo Park Lake--but one famous, feathered resident won't be back.

PHOTOS: Famed TV pilot Bob Tur on becoming Zoey Tur

"I'm happy. I've not been this happy. I've had a great life. Bob Tur needs to die now. And he'll be dead within three to four months." —Bob Tur, soon to be Zoey Tur
Filmmaker Pedro Almodovar arrives at the premiere of Sony Pictures Classics "I'm So Excited!" during the 2013 Los Angeles Film Festival

R.H. Greene on LA Film Festival Almodovar premiere: 'I'm So Excited!'

Whether it's a cranky dominatrix, a lovelorn hit man, a gay pilot passing for straight or a criminal financial mastermind in the grip of scandal, Almodovar believes passionately in every person's right to screw up.

Whitey Bulger's beard barber tells all to Off-Ramp

A barber, who shall remain nameless to protect his safety, tells Hank Rosenfeld he used to cut Whitey Bulger's hair ... until the FBI caught the fugitive mobster.
Off-Ramp commentator Clay Russell
As he told Off-Ramp, "It would be perfectly normal dinner party conversation to talk about your colonoscopy, but you talk about mental illness and people get freaked out."
James Goldstein
Who is that guy sitting courtside? NBA super fan James Goldstein talks about his love of fashion, architecture and basketball.

Dylan Brody: 'Stop fetishizing Armageddon, America!'

I talked to a young woman about the possibility of peace. She said, “Peace? It’s hard to get your mind around. I mean . . . is that even a thing?”

PHOTOS: John Schwada sweats out taint of LA politics with trip to 110-degree Oman

"Trutanich versus Feuer, Zine versus Galperin, Cedillo versus Gardea … they were 12,000 miles away as I walked, trekked, and drove my way around Oman."
Mercer 8124

Remembering Fran Bascom, a casting director who went out of her way

She seemed to show up at just about every play in which I ever performed in LA. I most fondly remember her approaching me after one play, and said, "Barry, you know I love you as an actor and I appreciate your invitations. But please don't invite me to anymore plays as bad as this one."
Chinatown at night
The Empress Pavilion, known for its dim sum, is no more. What does that mean for Chinatown? Is it the L.A. landmark that it once was?
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