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Don't give up on the kids in South LA. Crenshaw High's Tyris Williams is thriving at UC Irvine

Tanya Jo Miller

Tyris Willams in his dorm at UC Irvine, a long way from Crenshaw High in LA.

I've been following seniors from Crenshaw High as they make their way into the adult world. In the first piece on Tyris Williams and his grandmother, we looked at the rising cost of tuition. Then, we took a snapshot of Tyris’ life as he was about to graduate from Crenshaw High, headed to UC Irvine, and apprehensive about dealing with the world outside his home life in South LA. 

Now, we meet Tyris as he's thriving (sorry for the spoiler) at UC Irvine.

Watch the video of Tyris and his super smart fellow "class of 2012 graduates" as they weighed in on various issues of the day. It was shot at Crenshaw High last year.

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