The tawdry history of the Huntington Library? Off-Ramp for June 22, 2013

Clara Cakes

Recipe: 'yummy' vegan dessert from 16-year-old Clara Cakes founder

Clara Polito might only be 16, but she runs her own vegan baking company and has dreams of opening up a bakery before she turns 20.

Elmer Long's Bottle Tree Ranch is a colorful forest in the desert

Off Route 66, just north of Victorville, there's a forest in the desert. The forest has hundreds of trees -- but they're all made from bottles.

Tyris Williams at UC Irvine, a Crenshaw High success story

In the latest edition in her series on graduates of Crenshaw High, Tanya Jo Miller tells us Tyris Williams, with grandma's help, is fitting in at UC Irvine.
Winter Youth Olympic Games - Day Eight
This weekend, you can not only try curling yourself, but mingle with the best in the sport at Orange County's first 3-day bonspiel, or curling tournament.
"Violet & Daisy" Premiere - 2011 Toronto International Film Festival
Gandolfini had "an incredible capacity for intensity and realness. What's what made Tony Soprano such an indelible character is that you totally believed that he was this guy, you know, that he was capable of this huge range of emotions."
Shelley Bennett's spectacular new quadruple biography takes a look at the family that gave the Southland the Red Car lines and its most venerated museum.
Just once, I'd like to meet a personality-based drag queen who, underneath the huge bouffant, the dowdy dress, and the huge boobs, has a huge bouffant, dowdy dress, and huge boobs.Not the case with Jeffrey Wylie, who plays Lyla KaRug.

RIP Lou Schreiber, 80: Dance instructor taught 50,000+ to 'Walk in, Dance Out'

In his 62 years as a ballroom dance instructor, Lou Schreiber estimated that he'd taught 50,000 Southern Californians to fox trot, rhumba, salsa and swing.
Orange County Register
The Orange County Register has been praised for being one of the few newspapers in the country that's expanding in an industry that's contracting. But the reaction to one of the Register's latest additions has been met with some controversy.
Mercer 5282

Remember Ray Bradbury; remember summer.

To remember Ray Bradbury is to remember summer. KPCC's John Rabe and Molly Peterson talk about one of their favorite books, Dandelion Wine, which catches magic in a bottle.
A few words about this week's lead photo, by the famed photog, Ralph Morris.
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