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In 'Ragnarok,' John Hodgman revels in his failed apocalyptic vision

by Patt Morrison | Off-Ramp®

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Actor John Hodgman attends "Harvey" Broadway Opening Night Performance at Roundabout Theatre Company's Studio 54 on June 14, 2012 in New York City. Fernando Leon/Getty Images

John Hodgman is the writer and “The Daily Show” humorist who likes to portray himself as the unchallenged expert on any aspect of life. He is not. And this one, a biggie, he also got wrong.

Like so many others, he thought the end of the world would come on December 21, 2012. He gathered a faithful audience in Brooklyn and chronicled his end-of-days video. The sun, as we know, rose the next morning, and Hodgman is making amends with “Ragnarok,” a Netflix video account of that night.

Patt Morrison ran him to ground in the Chateau Marmont, where he keeps a panic room exactly for occasions like this.


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