A new mayor for LA, new tax law for gays ... Off-Ramp for July 6, 2013

7/5/2013: New LA Mayor Eric Garcetti meeting and greeting at Van Nuys City Hall
New LA Mayor Garcetti is greener than Lumpy Brannum, but it was still a surprise to learn that he rode the 92 bus to work this week, his first in office.
Dan Cameron OCMA
The Orange County Museum of Art's California Pacific Triennial brings to Southern California 32 artists who live and work around the Pacific Ocean.
No Exit. 2013 by Danial Nord artist
Daniel Nord the Los Angeles video artist behind "No Exit," one of the noisiest installations at the Orange County Museum of Art's California Pacific Triennial.

Blind performer turns plight, everyday life into a musical

In her debut musical, actress and writer Caitlin Hernandez, blind since birth, shows that being disabled is not the end of the world.
Gay Marriage Los Angeles
Married homosexual couples in California and the other states that allow gay marriage are rejoicing in what many might consider a dubious honor: being ensconced in federal tax law.
Jahsan Lambey at Crenshaw High in 2012

Crenshaw High's Jahsan Lambey and his neck tattoo, Part 2

"I'd say race plays a big role. When I see a white kid with tattoos on his neck, it's skater, rocker. When you see black kids with this, you're a gangbanger, a thug."
Postal Service Announces End To Saturday Delivery
50 years ago, the U.S. Postal Service introduced the zip code system to more efficiently and accurately deliver mail. But not everyone was excited about the idea.
"Harvey" Broadway Opening Night Performance - Arrivals
John Hodgman is the writer and “The Daily Show” humorist who likes to portray himself as the unchallenged expert on any aspect of life. He is not. And this one, a biggie, he also got wrong.
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