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Harlan Ellison doesn't hold back ... Off-Ramp for July 13, 2013

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No computers for writer Harlan Ellison. He uses this old Olympia, and keeps spare ribbons in the refrigerator.
The celebrated author of comes out of retirement this weekend for a book signing and, as expected, speaks his mind.
Global Effects Costume Shop

Chris Gilman makes armor and space suits for movies (photos)

At his 20,000 square foot shop and warehouse in North Hollywood, Chris Gilman and his team at Global Effects made costumes for "Firefly" and "Contact."
San Francisco artist John Bankston makes massive, novelistic paintings drawing from fantasy, autobiography, and coloring books.
David Kipen and Realtor Crosby Doe at Frank Lloyd Wright's Millard House in Pasadena. It's mentioned on p. 248 of "California in the 1930s, the WPA Guide to the Golden State."
'John Steinbeck navigated by these guides and called them "the most comprehensive account of the United States ever got together, and nothing since has even approached it."'
Norm Langer Langer's Deli

Langer's Deli home to pastrami, fine art

In the very back of Langer's, the pastrami-lovers paradise, you'll find three paintings. Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson went to Langer's to find out their story.

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