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Have lunch with Orson Welles - Off-Ramp for July 20, 2013

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For two years, director Henry Jaglom had lunch with Orson Welles every week, and taped their conversations. Finally, the tapes have been transcribed, edited, and published.

Why urban farmers should do research before raising chickens

Angelenos have been keeping chickens in the city for ages, but now, there's a whole new generation of "urban homesteaders" who are finding it's not all fun and free eggs.
Shaun Gladwell Video artist
Gladwell's video work, called Broken Dance, is a two channel installation that imagines beat boxing and urban dance in a completely different context.
UCLA brain injury study
Earlier this year, a man was found unconscious in Palm Springs Motel. Doctors have diagnosed him with Transient Global Amnesia, but after four months, he still has no recall.

Comedian Ruby Wax on laughing through the tears

Ruby Wax confronts depression and mental illness in her one-woman show 'Still Out Of Her Mind.'

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