Turning the (interview) tables on Larry King - Off-Ramp for July 27, 2013

OCMA Triennial: Artist Hugo Crosthwaite merges high and low art via Tijuana

Hugo Crosthwaite OCMA

Chris Bliss Photography

Carpas, 2013, by Hugo Crosthwaite

If you've listened to Off-Ramp lately, you might've heard our visits to the California Pacific Triennial,  a new group show at the Orange County Museum of Art. The museum spanning exhibit focuses on artists whose lives and work are impacted by the Pacific ocean. 

First, curator Dan Cameron brought us his thesis for the exhibit. Last week, Australian video artist Shaun Gladwell explained his two channel installation, titled Broken Dance. And there's other video artists and painters to check out, if you haven't already.

This time, Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson talks with Hugo Crostwaithe, whose installation, titled Carpas, makes up the better part of OCMA's front lobby.

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