Turning the (interview) tables on Larry King - Off-Ramp for July 27, 2013

"I don't think Jeffrey should be demonized. He did what he does. The real problem was the vision of the board."
Hugo Crosthwaite OCMA
Kevin Ferguson talks with Tijuana's Hugo Crostwaithe, whose installation of prints, paintings and posters makes up the better part of OCMA's front lobby.

The mystery ring at the Natural History Museum

Patt Morrison visits the gem vault at the Natural History Museum to get a look a their mysterious ring.
John Rabe Interviews Larry King
"It comes down to: the delivery system is different, but I'm doing what I did years ago, which is who, what, where, when, why. I thought I could retire, and that was a mistake, but I lucked into this, and am very happy doing it."
Off-Ramp commentator Clay Russell

Let's talk about race. Is it fair to call Clay Russell a cracker?

There’s a lot of talk about race in America - sometimes in the form of baseball bats smashing through car windows - but s no opportunity to talk to the people who could most enlighten me.
Brockmann's obsession started because he loved the swishing sound of taffeta as he twirled his wife across the dance floor. But his wife and kids say it’s time for the dresses to go.
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