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Looking inside the Museum of Architecture and Design's 'Never Built' Exhibit

by Kevin Ferguson | Off-Ramp®

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Inside the Never Built: Los Angeles exhibit at the Museum of Architecture and Design you'll find model replicas of projects like the forgotten Tower of Civilization (front) and Lloyd Wright's ambitious 1000 foot tall Catholic Cathedral (back). Benny Chan/Fotoworks

Los Angeles is home to some of the most ambitious and impressive works in architecture and urban planning in America: City Hall, the freeway system, LACMA, the Walt Disney Concert Hall...

But for every building, park and structure that went from blueprint to ribbon cutting, Los Angeles is host to countless more concepts that never materialized. Subways and monorails that never broke ground, skyscrapers that never made it through committee. 

The Museum of Architecture and Design is perfectly aware of these, and now through October you can see some of Los Angeles's most ambitious dead ideas in Never Built Los Angeles. The exhibit brings together a collection of urban ideas, both good and bad--all never realized. Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson talked with Sam Lubell, the museum's co-curator.

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