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OCMA Triennial: Video artist Yoshua Okón takes video violence head-on

Latex by Yoshua Okón

Chris Bliss Photography

Installation view of "Latex" by Yoshua Okón

Over the last couple months, we've been talking with artists featured in the California Pacific Triennial--the Orange County Museum of Art's new group exhibit thats puts side-by-side artists from Australia, Seattle, Los Angeles ... and Mexico City, the hometown of artist Yoshua Okón.

Okón's work is political, assertive and often confrontational. His contribution to the Triennial is a two channel video installation called "latex." In it, you see a very strange, very graphic scene play out with plenty of blood, guts and gore. But as Okón tells Off-Ramp Producer Kevin Ferguson, the work is about a lot more than just violence. 

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