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Country and cool: The Coals - Off-Ramp for August 17, 2013

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Carmelo Flores Laura. His claim to be 123 - the world's oldest person ever - was debunked this week after an Internet search
A baptismal certificate, found online in a public records search, shows Bolivian peasant Carmelo Flores Laura is only 107. Close, but no cigar.
Coroner Los Angeles Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran
Last Friday, in the LA County Coroner's office, Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran came in for his last day on the job and then took his first weekend of retirement.
Jahsan Lambey at Crenshaw High in 2012

Crenshaw Grads: Jahsan finds a dream job, but are his dreams too big?

But to turn that lucky break into something, Jahsan needed stability. This means having a car, and a place to live, two things that are hard to get without a good job.
Pacific Catering,United Airlines first class menu
Why do we eat the food we do at breakfast? Most of it we’d almost never eat for lunch or dinner: pancakes, bacon, french toast or waffles. Patt Morrison reports.

104-year old animator Tyrus Wong to headline annual kite festival

Otis Kite Festival includes appearance by Tyrus Wong, who designed the look of Disney's "Bambi" and in his later years has been designing, building, and flying kites.
Latex by Yoshua Okón
In Latex, his two channel installation, the Mexico City born artist uses campy, but disturbing gore to bring attention to media sensationalism.

The Coals' new album, unashamed LA country music

Yes, the new record from the LA-based country band The Coals is only 22 minutes long, but the music on it is inventive, catchy, genuine, and moving.
“The personal lives of American painters are tragic…and inevitable. And do not explain the artist,” said Sam Francis, who was as articulate with words as he was with ink and paint. But often, the work itself does.

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