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Impressionist Jim Meskimen's 'America's Got Talent' Odyssey

by John Rabe | Off-Ramp®

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When Jim Meskimen does an impression, his face as well as his voice gets in the act. Here, Meskimen teaches KPCC's John Rabe the DeNiro Frown Mouth. Impressionist Jim Meskimen and Off-Ramp host John Rabe

It was very interesting to go from my 70-seat venue at the Acting Center to a 6,000 seat, iconic venue – Radio City Music Hall -- in the space of three years. -- Jim Meskimen

His mike cut out and he had to make Ben Franklin jokes and take notes from Howard Stern, but LA impressionist Jim Meskimen says he's delighted by his performance in America's Got Talent this month.

Meskimen made it through the vetting process, and was named one of the dozen most talented people in the US -- something Off-Ramp already knew -- but he didn't make it to the final four, which is okay, he says, since he isn't really a Vegas kind of guy. (That's the grand prize.)

He charted the whole process on his blog, including the final week in New York.

But it was like being on HIGH ALERT for seven straight days, culminating in a suspense-filled evaluation of my ability to be on HIGH ALERT. The last thing I’ll say before I crash into bed is this: I had a BLAST.  Being able to do my impressions, to a full house at Radio City Music Hall, on live television, to hear the validation of the judges, to a standing ovation with my mom in the audience, with my beautiful wife in the audience, KNOWING that YOU and a thousand other friends were out there pulling for me… was just indescribable.  It was worth all the struggle and the sleepless nights, and the bother of being part of a “reality show.”

Then, he came into the Off-Ramp studio to tell us about it, including - listen to the interview - playing Jesus Movie with me.

You don't have to go to New York to see Jim perform. He's bringing his one-man show back to The Acting Center (5514 Hollywood Blvd LA CA 90028) starting Friday, September 6.



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