RIP Cliff's Books - Off-Ramp for September 28, 2013

The Hollywood sign: Still turning heads at 90

Marc Wanamaker/Bison Archives

A replica of the Hollywood sign was put up in Bronson Canyon for the 1974 film Day of the Locust.

The original Hollywoodland sign advertised a real estate development in 1923.

Marc Wanamaker/Bison Archives

Caltech students altered the Hollywood sign in 1987 to read CALTECH.

The original Hollywood sign high above Beachwood Canyon shown here in 1923.

A deteriorating Hollywood sign made of wood in 1959.

The Hollywood sign is lit up in 1978.

Hard to believe that a sign for a real estate development became the symbol for the entertainment capital of the world – Hollywood. Harder still to believe that it’s marking its 90th birthday this year. Marc Wanamaker is a historian and lover of all things Hollywood, and  he talks about the ups and downs of the landmark with Patt Morrison at the W Hotel in Hollywood, within sight of those iconic nine letters.

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