RIP Cliff's Books - Off-Ramp for September 28, 2013

Gil Garcetti ironworkers

Gil Garcetti celebrates Disney Hall's 10th birthday

Most everyone who sees Disney Hall thinks of Frank Gehry, its architect. But without a highly trained crew of iron workers, it'd still be a dream.
Halloween Theme Park

SoCal theme parks prepare for Halloween battle

Knott's Berry Farm kicked off one of the first Halloween scare fests. Now the theme park competition is on, to deliver the most "boo" for your buck.
Proud Bird
But now, the Torrance Daily Breeze reports that come November the restaurant will be shut its doors for good--a rent dispute is to blame.
The stacks at Cliff's Books in Pasadena are pretty well picked over by Tuesday afternoon. Hardcovers were going for $1, paperbacks ten for a dollar.

RIP Cliff's Books, musty, messy, melancholy, marvelous

Cliff's Books in Pasadena closed Thursday, and Off-Ramp host John Rabe visited the beloved bookseller for one last haul.

Should it be legal for women to go topless in public? (Poll)

Should women in this country be allowed to go topless in public? It's a heated debate in which both sides argue that they're fighting against the objectification of women.

The Hollywood sign turns 90, but how did it get here?

Marc Wanamaker is a historian and lover of all things Hollywood—he talks about the landmark with Patt Morrison at the W Hotel in Hollywood.
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