75 saxophones later ... Off-Ramp for November 2, 2013

(L-R) Conservator Erik Risser and curator David Saunders with the statue that stars in the new Getty Villa exhibit, "Tiberius: Portrait of an Emperor."
Cruelty? Sexcapades? Drunken toga parties? The Getty Villa's new exhibit shows off a rare statue of Tiberius, portrayed as (mostly) victim of Roman tittle-tattle.
John Ridley with John Rabe

'12 Years a Slave' Oscar winner John Ridley

John Rabe talks with John Ridley about finding a new way to talk about Jimi Hendrix, and how to cover slavery without being preachy.
La Brea Pits 100th 1
100 years ago this week, the County of Los Angeles began digging up, researching and putting on display the fossils found inside the black, bubbly lake we now know as the La Brea Tar Pits.
When Rob Verdi is off the clock from his day job at Disneyland, he visits shops all over the country in search of one thing: rare and unusual saxophones.

'Twilight Zone' screenwriter Earl Hamner, Jr. on writing for the show

TV shows come and go. But 'Twilight Zone' is different. The show examined race issues, criticized our dependence on technology and, five decades later, millions of people young and old still find the show's timeless themes as fresh as the day they aired — and it's all thanks to Rod Serling.
Spring Street downtown LA

First movie ever made of LA was of traffic ... with no traffic jams!

Thomas Edison’s employee James H. White went to downtown LA and pointed his unwieldy movie camera up South Spring Street. Lucky for White it was only 1898.
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