Kristallnacht survivor Ilie Wacs tells his story at the Museum of Tolerance


Hulton Archive/Getty Images

10th November 1938: Three onlookers at a smashed Jewish shop window in Berlin following riots of the night of 9th November.

Ilie Wacs

Courtesy Los Angeles Museum of Tolerance

Ilie Wacs, artist and fashion designer, was just a child during Kristallnacht. He remembers hearing glass shatter in the streets below as he and his family spent the night laying low in their Vienna apartment.

Deborah Strobin

Courtesy Los Angeles Museum of Tolerance

Ilie's sister, Deborah Strobin, will also speak at the Museum of Tolerance on Sunday

November 9 this year is the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the night cities in Germany and Austria erupted in violent riots targeting Jewish citizens and their property. It also marks the beginning of the Holocaust.

Ilie Wacs was just a kid when it happened, but he remembers that night vividly as a terrified Jewish kid hiding with family inside their Vienna apartment. Miraculously, Wacs and his family survived.

On Sunday, Nov. 10, Wacs will be joined by his sister Deborah at the Museum of Tolerance to talk about their experience. He also shared his story with Off-Ramp Producer Kevin Ferguson.

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