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Janis Joplin has a piece of OUR heart, and a star on the Walk of Fame - Off-Ramp for Nov 9, 2013

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Amazon: Fullerton man's Holocaust memoir 'Best of 2013'

Amazon put "The Boy on the Wooden Box," by the late Leon Leyson of Fullerton, at the top of its "best of 2013" list. Leyson was youngest person on the real Schindler's List.
Legendary music executive Clive Davis said the late Janis Joplin rewrote "the rules for what was possible and what was permissible."
This Is How He Drew Her
The co-founder of the 30+ year old "Love and Rockets" comic talks about why illustrating Junot Diaz's "This is How You Lose Her" made him so nervous.

Dylan Brody: Let slip the dogs of war and cry, 'Get off my lawn!'

I walk the dogs outside the complex where my neighbors have actual houses with lawns. I’m a good guy, so I clean up after them when they relieve themselves. The dogs; not the neighbors.

Hammer Museum's new pop-up village re-invents Westwood

Westwood Village has gone cold in recent years, but a new artsy pop up district aims to show landlords that locals are crave more than what they're getting.
Actor/artist Martin Mull opens a new collection of paintings Bob Odenkirk describes as "stunning, moving, and strange. It makes you feel like you're watching a dream you didn't know you had."
"The minute I came to LA I liked it very much," she recalls. "The palm trees, the ocean. What was happening here in '67 was incredible."

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