Remembering JFK & "Calvin and Hobbes" - Off-Ramp for November 16, 2013

Calvin & Hobbes

'Dear Mr. Watterson,' we miss Calvin and Hobbes!

"Dear Mr. Watterson" is a loving tribute to the lost land of magic that existed in the imaginations of an 8-year-old boy and singularly talented cartoonist

LA Kitchen's job training for ex-cons, foster kids

Robert Egger will open L.A. Kitchen in Lincoln Heights to offer job training for aged-out foster kids and people returning from prison, and also to provide healthy meals to seniors.
Empty Coliseum, Kennedy JFK assassination

JFK assassination: City archives reveal how LA coped on that day 50 years ago

L.A. City Archivist Michael Holland turned to the city's archives to see how Los Angeles handled and processed the events of that fateful weekend.
In 1960, the then-Los Angeles City Councilwoman got President John F. Kennedy to the Coliseum. Then she had to persuade a GOP supporter to host him ... and 1,500 friends.
Volume 2 of Mark Twain's "Autobiography" isn't likely to sell as well as Volume 1, but it's a far more rewarding book.
Russ Parsons - Tacos Tumbras a Tomas 1
Los Angeles Times Food Editor Russ Parsons says it's the latest way to keep your Thanksgiving bird from turning out dry and nasty.

Want to buy a California gold mining ghost town?

An ad recently posted on Craigslist offers the chance for a modern-day pioneer to purchase the small gold mining town of Seneca for the low cost of $225,000.
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