A Child's Christmas in Eastern Kentucky - Off-Ramp for December 7, 2013

American women earned the right to vote decades before they were allowed to run in marathons. The first to do it was Merry Lepper, in 1963, in Culver City.

King Taco: Critic Jonathan Gold on what it means to LA

With the passing of founder Raul Martinez Sr. this week, the Pulitzer-winning critic tells Off-Ramp's John Rabe why King Taco is important to LA.
The Big Atlas of LA Pools
Geographer Joseph K. Lee and graphic designer Benedikt Gross found more than 43,000, and list them in their Big Atlas of LA Pools.

Who flocks Christmas trees anymore? These festive guys

Sure, the snow is fake, but it looks fabulous. And Christmas tree flocking is something of an art. One 20-year veteran of the business shows us how it's done.
"I would run my sticky fingers across images that seemed to be beamed from some magical, alternative universe where people gave dinner parties and owned patio furniture."
William Valle

San Bernardino: Portrait of residents of a problem-plagued city

The city's youth and poverty often define it in the public consciousness, but some see opportunity in the community's civic and social chaos.

A Charlie Brown Christmas almost didn't get aired

Bill Melendez said when he read in the script that Linus would recite the Gospel according to St. Luke, he told Charles Schulz, "This is religion. It just doesn't go in a cartoon." Schulz looked at him very coldly and said, "Bill, if we don't do it, who will?"

'Santa Claus is Comin' to Town,' a Hanukkah TV special

Rankin and Bass' 1970 masterwork "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town," an origin myth for Santa, is almost as Jewish thematically as the annual Chabad telethon.
Mercer 6153

Andy Rooney Doesn't Like Christmas

Andy Rooney tried, but he just doesn't like Christmas.
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