50 Years since the dam collapse and the first woman marathoner - Off-Ramp for Dec. 14, 2013

Merry Lepper
Merry Lepper, now 71, accepts a commendation from Culver City for breaking distance running's glass ceiling in 1963.
Charlie Haden

RIP bassist, jazz great, teacher Charlie Haden

Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson went to the Downtown L.A. theater for a rare performance of Haden's ensemble ... composed entirely of CalArts students.
The Original Whistle Stop 1

What's a $15K model train look like? Pasadena's Whistle Stop has 'em

As with any other hobby, model railroading can become a little bit of an obsession. Modelers readily spend top dollar for detail and craftsmanship.
Baldwin Hills Dam
On December 14, 1963 the dam in front of the Baldwin Hills reservoir broke. Rhea Coskey lost her home in the flood, and for the first time in 50 years, she's ready to talk about it.

LA archivist pleads for cop shows like Mob City to use 'just the facts'

LA's City Archivist archivist gives us a personal tour of the LAPD archives, which have been used - usually loosely - for productions from "Dragnet" to "Mob City"
The documentary has two things things that make it strong: it's purposely limited in scope, and moves fast.
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